Why local searches are essential for Conveyancing in Worthing

An essential component of Conveyancing in Worthing is the local search carried out by Conveyancing Solicitors on behalf of homebuyers. This will be requested from Worthing Borough Council, Town Hall, Chapel Road, Worthing, BN11 1HA (Tel: 01903 239999) and provides important protection for purchasers.

Local authorities are responsible for recording a variety of information relevant to each dwelling in their area, and it is important when carrying out Conveyancing in Worthing for buyers’ Property Lawyers to obtain this from the council. The council maintains a register of local land charges, which include planning matters such as conditions set out in planning consents. Charges of a financial nature are also recorded, such as various grants which might have been made to the owner and which have to be repaid at completion. If a purchaser’s Conveyancer sees such a charge is registered, then he/she will need to ensure that the charge is repaid, otherwise the client will continue to be liable for it.

The search also includes enquiries about a wide range of other matters, including:

  • Planning history, including planning and building regulation applications, consents and any planning enforcement notices
  • If any adjoining road is adopted as a public highway
  • Proposed traffic schemes, variation of parking restrictions, and proposals to stop-up streets or  apply a one-way system
  • Conservation areas and tree preservation orders
  • Plans for major road and railway schemes within the vicinity of the building
  • Entries in the register of common land, town and village greens
  • Additional enquiries may be raised in appropriate cases to ascertain if there are any public footpaths or other rights of way crossing or adjacent to the grounds of a dwelling.

If the search indicates that a house is in a conservation area or is a listed building then the purchaser’s Conveyancing Solicitors will make enquiries about any works carried out by the seller. Minor alterations affecting the external appearance of a dwelling (such as windows, roofing, installation of satellite dishes, fencing and so on) are also likely to require planning permission. That means that if works have been carried out and consent has not been obtained the vendor may be required to obtain retrospective consent. Trees in conservation areas are also protected, even if not already protected by a tree preservation order.

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