Why do you need to think about Inheritance Tax before obtaining probate?

Inheritance Tax is the name of tax on the estate of a person who has died is. It is dealt with by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) (Inheritance Tax). It applies to the minority of estates. Where Inheritance Tax is due, you have to pay at least some of the tax before we can issue the grant.

The issue of the grant does not necessarily mean that HMRC have agreed the final Inheritance Tax liability. In most cases the HMRC will be in touch with you again after the grant has been obtained.

Subject to the requirements to pay some of the tax before obtaining the grant, Inheritance Tax is due half a year after the end of the month in which the deceased died. Interest will be charged by HMRC on unpaid tax from this due date regardless the reason for the payment being delayed.

Please note that the Probate Registry staff are not trained to deal with queries about HMRC forms or Inheritance Tax. If you have any queries about these you should visit the HMRC website or contact the Probate and Inheritance Tax Helpline on 0845 30 20 900. Alternatively please contact the Fridaysmove Probate Team.