Why do some firms charge managing agent Conveyancing Fees?

There are only 2 types of Conveyancing Fees that should appear on a Solicitors Conveyacing Quote:

  • Conveyancing Fees: Fees relating to services offered or provided by the Solicitor
  • Disbursements: Costs incurred by the Solicitor and passed to the client without any mark up.

Sometimes additional fees are legitimately incurred by buyers and sellers that cannot be foreseen, for example a couple decide to separate during the process of a transaction and a matrimonial Solicitor must be corresponded with.

Sometimes however, aspects of the legal work are separated out of the core work and presented as work undertaken beyond the scope of a standard transaction.

One such example is the 'corresponding with managing agent Conveyancing Fee'.

This is sneaky conduct because corresponding with the managing agent is a standard part of the legal work on a leasehold transaction. That being the case the client will almost certainly have paid an uplift, usually described as a 'Leasehold Supplement', that should include all correspondence with all parties relating to the Lease, including the freeholder and managing agent.

It could be argued that a Solicitor should be at liberty to present their proposition however they see fit and in that respect we can only agree. After all this is standard practice in so many other sectors.

However what we would advise clients in relation to this and any other extra Conveyancing Fee is to make sure you know about them before you sign on the dotted line.

All to often fees are not set out explicitly on the quote and are hidden in the Solicitor's small print.

Fridaysmove do not charge any additional Conveyancing Fees and all charges are set out clearly in our quote.