Why do service charge disputes happen ?

There is an inbuilt conflict between leasehold owners and landlords when it comes to service charges. Most leases provide for the leasehold owners (tenants), to pay maintenance costs as well as contributions towards the provision of services such as heating or lighting of common parts, cleaning and security. Leasehold owners will not necessarily want to pay for the most expensive contractor but, by contrast, the landlord, mindful of the possibility that a cheaper contractor will not necessarily do a good job, may wish to employ the a more expensive contractor to ensure that the job or service provided is done to a good standard.

Where a compromised solution cannot be reached, service charge disputes can result.

Service charge disputes can be expensive in terms of the professional fees which may be incurred. Service Charge disputes can also take an inordinate of time to settle. Service Charge litigation should be avoided wherever possible so it is best to resolve service charge disputes swiftly, effectively and amicable. Don’t let your service charge dispute get out of hand. Speak to one of our leasehold conveyancing specialist first.   Please  also take a look at the article Residential Leasehold Service Charges – Top Tips as this gives some useful advice on how to avoid service charge disputes as well as how to resolve service charge disputes.

Our experienced leasehold conveyancing team have direct expertise in dealing with service charge disputes. We can even offer a service charge health check at a low cost to ensure that your landlord or managing agents are acting legally when it comes to your service charge. Health Checks for service charges are available from our the Fridaysmove Service Charge Health Check Team.