What is a Property information questionnaire (PIQ) ?

As from 6 April all Home Information Packs will require a completed 'Property Information Questionnaire' or 'PIQ'

The PIQ is designed to be completed by a property seller, and intended to provide simple and useful information about a property to help inform prospective buyers' decisions about whether to view, or make an offer on a particular property.

The Property Information Questionnaire should be completed by the Seller of the property but may also be completed by others who have the relevant authority to sell the property or complete the Property Information Questionnaire.   This may, for example, be done under a Power of Attorney, or by virtue of the fact that the Seller is the Executor of the property under a Will.

Despite all Government indications that the Property Information Questionnaire is a simple form to complete without legal expertise, this differs from expert opinion and there is a real risk that if you complete the Property Information Questionnaire incorrectly and provide 'negligent misstatements', this could cause problems for you later on in the transaction.   Furthermore, incorrectly completing the Property Information Questionnaire could potentially put off potential buyers.

The complexity of some of the questions necessitates (where applicable) referencing copies of the title deeds or lease along with documents relating to leasehold management information, Some of the information required in order to answer some of the questions within the PIQ may not be readily to hand and the time taken in acquiring this information could significantly delay getting the property on the market.

Complete your PIQ online

Fridaysmove are shortly to launch an online Property Information Questionnaire that will give sellers the following benefits:

A comprehensive guide on how to most effectively answer questions
Answers phased to minimise deterring buyers
Minimised risk of making mistakes
Minimised risk of making inadvertent negligent misstatement
The quickest and easiest way to complete the PIQ
Fastest way to complete you HIP and marketed your property.
Furthermore, the property can be marketed with minimised risk of putting off buyers and reducing their risk of problems at a later date.

The Fridaysmove 'Online Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ)' will be live prior to 6 April 2009

Please note that Terms of Engagement will apply prior to the use of the online Property Information Questionnaire.