What is an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a report detailing the energy efficiency of your home or property. A compulsory component of the Home Information Pack (HIP), the EPC contains visual ratings (see below) showing both a current and a potential energy rating.

This 'efficiency rating' is determined by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor or DEA upon site visit when you order a Home Information Pack or HIP.   Although not an exhaustive list, the following areas will be scrutinised:

  • Glazing materials
  • Heating system e.g. Type of Boiler, thermostats etc.
  • Loft insulation
  • Approximate year of construction
  • Property size
  • Construction materials

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), as well as containing information on how to reduce excessive unwanted emissions into the environment and reduce fuel bills, will certify the quotient of energy efficiency rated per household on a scale rating from A as being highly efficient, down to a scale rating of G as being the least efficient.

How are HIP Energy Performance Certificates Grades calculated?

These ratings are formulated in two stages:

  1. The Environmental Impact rating which calculates the amount of environmental impact caused by the discharge of unwanted carbon dioxide or CO2 emissions by the property to the atmosphere.
  2. The Energy Efficiency Rating, calculates and measures the overall energy efficiency of the home, taking into consideration the amount of electricity and gas consumed and whether the energy consumption of the appliances within it are seen to be utilised to an efficient level.
    Why have these?

The main aim of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) is for the Government to be seen to encourage a positive attitude towards environmental issues and energy savings. This also provides a clear indication to prospective buyers of the positive benefits or negative disadvantages of the environmental impact of the house they may be intending to purchase. The intention is to make the purchase of a high-graded energy efficient property a much more attractive proposition and in turn, prospective vendors are encouraged to take steps to make their homes more attractive to a seller. Such steps are installing or converting to more environmentally-friendly systems to produce a cleaner and more effective energy environment. Currently properties fall into the mid-category.

The Government would like to see more of homes reaching assessments within the A to B bands, substantiating its claim to have achieved the aim of creating a much healthier and acceptable climate of energy efficiency and the lowering of carbon dioxide emissions.

Whilst EPCs may be seen to stem from the type of certification used to identify the energy efficiency rating of modern household appliances, it is a strict legal document which must be certified by an accredited Energy Assessor.

More information on Energy Performance Certificates is available at the Government website