What is an EPC or 'Energy Performance Certificate'?

An (Energy Performance Certificate) provides detailed information on making a building more energy efficient as well as reducing its carbon footprint. All buildings, offered for sale or rent in the UK require an EPC.  

EPC's contain an 'Energy Efficiency Rating' (not unlike the sticker on the side of your fridge or washing machine).

This rating  gives buyers a clear and graphical assessment of the property's energy consumption, together with a list of practical measures set out in the EPC,  that can be undertaken to cut the property's fuel bills and carbon emissions.

It uses an A to G rating system similar to that used on household appliances. It also advises on cost-effective improvements that can be made to cut bills and reduce emissions. They must be produced by a certified domestic energy assessor or home inspector.

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The benefits of an Energy Performance Certificate

The Energy Saving Trust has stated that it hopes that the introduction of EPCs may result in the average homeowner saving £300 a year on fuel bills, so it can be worthwhile even if you are not planning to sell your property in the near future. In fact, getting an EPC can be an investment in you home's future.

Not only could you save enough in energy bills in a matter of months to cover the cost of the EPC, by the time you do come to sell your property, the improvements and efficiencies recommended by your EPC should mean a better asking price, and a more attractive offer.

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