What are 'Required HIP Searches' and 'Authorised HIP Searches'?

The Required HIP Searches must be present and form the basis of the HIP, while Authorised Searches provide addition information.

There are a number of Required HIP Searches that must be present (or be in the process of being drawn up), which form the basis of the HIP. these include the proof of ownership, the details of the sale, land charges and local authority searches, as well as the Water and Drainage Search.

A HIP may also include any one of a number of Authorised HIP Searches, and these include conveyancing searches  like an environmental report (an assessment of contaminated land) and a planning report. Depending upon the area, a mining stability report or a Cheshire Brine survey may also be included and, where likely, perhaps a search of Church Records to ascertain any potential responsibilities for Church upkeep should be included.

These Authorised HIP Searches offer extra benefit to the prospective buyer and some might say that they enhance the selling quality of the property over and above another, similar property without this additional Authorised HIP Searche information. These Authorised HIP Searches are also available, even if not included in the official HIP, they can be commissioned for extra peace of mind by the purchaser. In fact a buyer’s conveyancing lawyer may insist that they are commissioned.