Villa in a conservation area; checks by Conveyancing Solicitor in Portsmouth

As there are 25 conservation areas within the district covered by Portsmouth City Council, it is hardly surprising that Conveyancing Solicitors in Portsmouth regularly deal with the Conveyancing of homes in such areas

In 2010 Property Lawyer Sunita Saini acted for the owners of a semi-detached house in Southsea, Portsmouth PO5. The Conveyancing Solicitor in Portsmouth acting for the sellers were Warner Goodman of Colman House, 2-4 Landport Terrace, Portsmouth PO1 2RG.

Their local search showed that the property was located within the Owen's Southsea area around Southsea Shopping Centre which was developed from the 1830s onwards by Thomas Ellis Owen and others. Villas and terraces are laid out in a townscape of winding roads of varying widths creating a picturesque and spacious effect.

Enhanced planning control applies in such areas, so Conveyancing Solicitor in Portsmouth acting for buyers will always raise additional enquiries to check whether vendors have made any alterations or improvements. Even when consent would not normally be required for such works, it may be needed if a building is within a designated zone.

Satellite dishes banned under article 4 directions

The information supplied by the local authority stated that they had made a Direction under Article 4 relating to satellite dishes in this vicinity. That would prohibit the erection of an antenna on the street façade or otherwise visible from the road.

It has been known for a council to require a residence to be restored to its original condition where alterations have not been authorised. As a buyer could find himself saddled with additional expense, Conveyancing Solicitors in Portsmouth seek to ensure that their clients will not face such action.

On this sale the vendors had not done anything for which additional permission was needed, so the sale proceeded to completion without any delay.

When it turns out that this is not the case, homeowners can find themselves involved in considerable extra expense and delays. The advice of Conveyancers undertaking Conveyancing in Portsmouth is to check with the planning department before starting any works in a conservation area.

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