Problems with Victorian gutters discovered during Home Buyers Survey in Buxton


A Home Buyers Survey in Buxton found that the late-Victorian, 2-bedroom property retained its original cast iron guttering. The century-old plumbing was heavily corroded and no longer safely transferring water away from the structure.

110 year old gutters reported in Buxton Home Buyers Survey

Functional guttering protects homes from major water damage, mould infestations and subsidence issues.  A portion of the old plumbing had been replaced by modern, plastic gutters, but the remainder of the 19th Century drainage required attention. The purchaser could now use their HomeBuyer Report as leverage to negotiate a lower price, or persuade the seller to finish replacement of the gutters prior to completion of the sale.

A little patch of damp should not be ignored

The Buxton Home Buyers Survey also noted a small amount of water damage on the kitchen ceiling – possibly caused by a slow leak in the upstairs bath’s service pipe. Before the leak gets worse, and to prevent further damage, the buyer should ask the seller to have a plumber investigate the problem.  

Water issues are often easy to ignore. They are slow-acting and unspectacular, but carry major consequences.  The Home Buyers Survey recommended that immediate action be taken to avoid costly damage to the interior and exterior of the Derbyshire terrace.

This Home Buyers Survey in Buxton was a positive report overall, describing the Buxton property as being “in a good and generally well maintained condition”, but contained a number of issues which required attention before the sale could proceed.

Expert advice now can save you money in future

The issues discovered highlight the importance of having an expert look over the property, particularly when the property dates back to the 1800s. For such older properties, it may be more appropriate for a full Building Survey to be carried out, rather than a simple HomeBuyer Report. It is very easy for home buyers to miss potentially expensive problems when the home seems generally well cared for.  

This Home Buyers Survey helped to avoid both serious expense and inconvenience to the would-be owner of this Victorian property in Buxton.