Value for money confirmed with Home Buyers Survey in Bognor Regis

It was reported during a Home Buyers Survey in Bognor Regis that the property was in good structural condition, but was a little rough around the edges – making it a good purchase for a home renovator.

The Home Buyers Survey in Bognor Regis noted that the 1965 terrace was located close to the centre of the seaside resort town and was in good structural condition. However there were a number of aesthetic and safety issues that would need to be addressed shortly after occupation.

The recommended restoration work would increase the West Sussex property’s market value, stated the HomeBuyer Report.

No major concerns found during Home Buyers Survey in Bognor Regis

The Surveyor observed very few serious or urgent defects that would affect a sale or create a danger to new occupants.  The only “red light” issues they identified involved checking that some past improvements had been subject to council approval – a vital concern for a potential buyer to be aware of, and one that their Conveyancing Solicitor would investigate.

A keen handyperson may enjoy the prospect of tackling the list of jobs that the Surveyor compiled.  

The Home Buyers Survey in Bognor Regis reported that some issues were necessary for the continuing maintenance and safety of the home:

  • The rear garden wall was collapsing – potentially a complicated issue as it is a boundary wall.
  • The stair handrail was lower than the current regulations – this was considered unsafe for young children.
  • The lead flashings around the chimney stack were leaking – this would need attending to before water damage occurred.

Other issues the Surveyor considered to be “a matter of personal choice” that would add to the monetary and aesthetic value of the property:

  • The plasterboard ceilings had an unpleasing stippled effect – the appearance could be improved by a smooth plaster finish.
  • The fireplace had been converted to gas – this connection should be tested and restored by a qualified gas heating engineer before use.
  • The bathroom suite was functional but dated – the Chartered Surveyor suggested that the bathroom could be improved by modernising the fittings.

The buyer could now use their Home Buyer Survey to make cost estimates for the restoration of the Bognor Regis property and factor these into their decision.