Use these staircases at your peril – serious dangers unleashed in this Home Buyers Survey in West Yorkshire

A Residential Surveyor observed a semi-detached property in a residential area near the town centre of Liversedge. The Home Buyers Survey in West Yorkshire found the property to be in a reasonable position for its market price of £122, 000, although there was one particular defect that will undoubtedly raise some eyebrows.

Steep stairs with no rail!

This Home Buyers Survey in West Yorkshire found that a steep staircase to the cellar of this property did not have a handrail.  This is a serious risk to health and safety and the buyer will need to install a handrail immediately to avert the danger this poses for the occupants.

Subsidence revealed

The HomeBuyer Report found evidence of structural movement in the property, which was present in the walls and the floors. However, the Residential Surveyor noted that this was expected for a property of this age and style.

The buyer may still wish to consult an experience structural engineer to assess the extent of these structural alterations, which have occurred both internally and externally.

Bedrooms with no central heating

The HomeBuyer Report found that two of the bedrooms in this property do not contain radiators. The cost of installing central heating in these rooms could be considerable, although it is still recommended. Both rooms contained gas wall heaters that were quite old and will require further inspections by a competent heating engineer.


There is no evidence of any recent test of the electricity system in this property. The Institute of Electricity Engineers advises homeowners to test their electrics regularly. Therefore, the buyer is strongly encouraged to seek a report into the current status of the electrics.


Dampness issues

The HomeBuyer Report found that some areas of the building contained high dampness readings. Fortunately, no urgent action is required at present. However, this is something that the buyer will need to be aware of for the future.  



Liversedge is situated in an area that was once used a as coal mining area. The buyer is advised to check that the property has not been adversely affected in any way.