Tips for Sellers on getting your property ready to put on the Market


It is very important from a seller’s point of view that they achieve the best possible price on the sale of their property. Before putting your property on the market it is therefore worth considering whether there is anything you can do to improve its appearance with a view to achieving your ideal offer price.


Cheap ways to improve your home:


Painting the Interior
A very cheap and cheerful way of tidying up your home is to give it a new coat of paint. This is not especially expensive to do and will immediately give it a cleaner, brighter (depending on your choice of colour) look.


If you have any visible cracks in the walls, plaster over them. Buyers will generally get surveys done on properties so any structural defects will be detected, however, it is worth doing some ‘cover up’ work on the cracks just to create a better impression of your home.


Keep on top of those weeds! The last thing a prospective buyer wants to see is a weed ridden front and back garden and a messy lawn. It does not cost very much to give the garden a good clear out making sure you clear it of weeds, giving it a good tidy up and cutting back the lawn.   You may also want to consider buying a cheap shed to hide away gardening tools and for additional storage etc. .


Clearing Rubbish Away

It is very important to clear away all rubbish from your home, wherever possible, to create a clutter free home. This makes the rooms look larger and creates a much better impression.

Costly ways of improving your home


  • Building an extension
  • Loft conversion
  • Converting your front garden into a drive
  • Building a Conservatory

Before embarking on any improvements such as these, you must make sure you obtain the relevant planning and building regulations consents from the Local Authority.   Also, if your home is a listed building, is situated in a conservation area or is a leasehold property you must check to see whether your are permitted to carry out any of these works.


By adding a loft conversion or another room to your property you are immediately increasing the value of your home so it is an investment. Creating a drive in front of your house is also considered to enhance the value of the property and many home buyers look for off street parking these days.