Tips on conveyancing searches from a Southend property lawyer

Conveyancing in Southend requires local searches which are carried out with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea Essex SS2 6ER. The council is usually able to return search results within 5 working days as the searches are submitted online, so they do not generally cause any delay to your transaction.

Why do these Conveyancing searches matter?

These local searches will show any matters registered by Southend council as local land charges, which include planning charges and financial charges. Planning charges can include conditions attached to the planning consent for a house, or an agreement made between a developer and the council relating to the development of a new housing estate. These charges are things that will continue to affect a property, but the buyer may need to be aware of them – planning consents for new developments in Southend often include conditions which will restrict the rights of home owners to build extensions without further planning consent. If a financial charge is registered, then the purchasers’ Conveyancing Solicitor will have to ensure that the seller repays the money to Southend council on completion, as otherwise the charge will remain and be repayable by the buyer.

Other matters dealt with by Conveyancing searches in Southend cover planning records relating to a dwelling, including details of any enforcement action taken or proposed, confirmation that any road adjoining a house is an adopted public road, any planned major road or railway schemes in the vicinity, and whether a property is in a conservation area or is affected by a tree preservation order.

The other usual search carried out in connection with Conveyancing in Southend is a drainage and water search, for confirmation that a home is connected to mains water and sewers. Although it would be unlikely that any property in Southend does not have a direct mains water connection, the searches include plans showing the location of the public water mains and sewers in the vicinity. Conveyancing Solicitors particularly need to check if there is any public sewer running through a property. Many houses in Southend have been extended, and it is sometimes discovered that an extension has been built over a public sewer without the owner entering into an agreement with the drainage company. As will be appreciated, if a public sewer needs replacing or repairing the drainage company may need to enter the property and has the right to demolish unauthorised buildings erected over their sewers.

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