Tips from Conveyancing Solicitors in Liverpool for homeowners wanting fast Conveyancing

“Fast conveyancing is essential” was Mr P's first concern when instructing Conveyancing Solicitors in Liverpool to act for him on the sale of a house on Lambton Road, Liverpool, L17.

Mr P acted fast and instructed his Conveyancing Solicitors in Liverpool before he had found a buyer, so his lawyer was able to assemble all the information he needed about the property beforehand.

His Conveyancing Solicitor also asked the client to fill out some forms with information about the house and a list of fixtures and fittings being included in the sale.

Having all this information meant that as soon as Mr P's agents, Sutton Kersh of 40-42 Allerton Road, Liverpool, L18 1LN  faxed through the sales details, an email was sent to the buyers' Conveyancing Solicitors in Liverpool. Attached to the email were the contract and all the other paperwork they would need.

Tips to find a fast Conveyancing Solicitor in Liverpool 

  • Instruct early – don't wait until you've got a buyer.
  • Return completed information forms without delay – without them the buyer's Conveyancers won't proceed.
  • Provide ID documents promptly – Conveyancing Solicitors require this to comply with land registry anti-fraud regulations
  • Keep your Property Lawyer informed – let her or him know about any changes affecting the property, or if you are going to be away for any time

Everything proceeded rapidly as the buyers' Liverpool Conveyancers were also keen to get the transaction completed for their client, and when the sale was finalised Mr P thanked the firm for their efforts.

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