Time saved Conveyancing Newcastle property by prompt planning consent

Fridaysmove -approved Newcastle upon Tyne Conveyancing Solicitor, Catherine Williams, was able to move swiftly on the sale of a leasehold property in the Blakelaw district of Newcastle upon Tyne in June 2010.

When the sellers confirmed their instructions, Fridaysmove Newcastle Conveyancing team swiftly obtained a copy of the property title and the lease from the Land Registry.

They also contacted Newcastle City Council at the Civic Centre, Barras Bridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 2BNl  (the local authority for the home) to check if any planning permissions had previously been granted for the property. This revealed that a consent had been granted for a two-storey extension back in 1991, well before the present owners had acquired the property.

A copy was obtained, and sent to the purchaser's Conveyancing Solicitors, Ward Hadaway of Sandgate House, 102 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3DX, together with the draft contract.

Conveyancing Solicitors acting for buyers will want to see copies of any planning consents shown in their own local searches. It's therefore much quicker for seller's Conveyancers to obtain copies of these and other relevant documents as soon as possible when sale instructions have been received.

Many people assume that their mortgage lender will have the lease and planning documents are kept with the deeds held by their mortgage lender. This is not now the case, as lenders rely on the fact that the title, and their mortgage, is registered at the Land Registry and lenders do not hold any original documents.

The planning documents showed that proper consent had been obtained for the substantial extension of the property, which was obviously a strong sales feature. Consequently there was no need for the Solicitors acting for the purchasers to make further enquiries about this, as they were satisfied that there would be no problems for their clients.

Thanks to obtaining the documents right at the start, time was saved so that the sale completed well within both parties time-frame.

Thanks also to the selling agent for this property - Reeds Rains of 7/7A West Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE4 9PT.

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