Buyers assured by Chartered Surveyor's report

A £70, 000 bungalow has been met with approval by a Residential Surveyor during a Home Buyers Survey in Swindon.

The home had originally been built in the mid-70’s. It featured two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The prospective buyer will most likely go ahead with the move now that he has professional reassurance that there are no nasty surprises awaiting him in the future.

HomeBuyer Reports are often used by clients to renegotiate the price of a property. This occurs when major defects requiring expensive remedies are uncovered. In more extreme cases, the Survey may contain such a list of horrors that the buyer is inclined to renounce their interest and look elsewhere.  

Some Small Things Here and There

  • The need for some repair work, though not being urgent, was identified by the Home Buyers Survey in Swindon:
  • Evidence of staining was noted to some gutter and down pipe joints suggesting localised leakage. General re-sealing and realignment of joints should be anticipated during routine maintenance.
  • Where rainwater pipes discharge directly into the below ground drainage, the drains may be more prone to blockages from obstructions entering the system at eaves level. The provision of an intermediate gully and grid was recommended.
  • The kitchen fittings are dated and it was recommended that a quotation for their replacement is arranged prior to exchange of contract.
  • The sanitary fittings are dated and the same was recommended in regard to these.
  • The door to the cupboard in the hall requires replacing.
  • Internal decorations are marked and deteriorating in some areas. A fair amount of preparation, and making good, will be necessary before redecorating.

Electricity Certification Required

In addition, the Home Buyers Survey in Swindon contained the instruction that a NICEIC/ECA Registered Electrician be hired to fully examine the home’s electrical system. They will be able to provide a detailed account of the state and safety of the home’s electrics. Any advice given by them should be heeded.

It is often the case, like at this Home Buyers Survey in Swindon, that Home Buyers Surveys suggest further specialist investigation into potentially dangerous fittings.