Swansea house-buyers can receive land registry documents in Welsh

After completing the purchase of a home in Swansea, buyers will receive from their Conveyancing Solicitors a copy of the land register showing their title to the property. Titles to all properties in Swansea are registered with the Land Registry’s Wales office at Ty Cwm Tawe, Phoenix Way, Llansamlet, Swansea, SA7 9FQ 

The Registry now registers title to properties in Swansea and elsewhere in Wales in a bilingual format. This is the standard heading for all titles in both English and Welsh:

This official copy shows the entries on the register of title on [date] at [time].

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– This date must be quoted as the "search from date" in any official search application based on this copy.

– The date at the beginning of an entry is the date on which the entry was made in the register.

– Issued on [date].

– Under s. 67 of the Land Registration Act 2002, this copy is admissible in evidence to the same extent as the original.

– For information about the register of title see Land Registry website www.landregistry.gov.uk or Land Registry Public Guide 1-A guide to the information we keep and how you can obtain it.

– This title is dealt with by Land Registry Wales Office.

– Mae'r copi swyddogol hwn yn dangos y cofnodion yn y gofrestr teitl ar [xxxx] am [xxxx].

– Rhaid dyfynnu'r dyddiad hwn fel y "dyddiad y chwilir ohono" mewn unrhyw gais am chwiliad swyddogol sy'n seiliedig ar y copi hwn.

– Y dyddiad ar ddechrau cofnod yw'r dyddiad y gwnaethpwyd y cofnod yn y gofrestr.

– Cyhoeddwyd ar [xxxx].

– Dan Adran 67 Deddf Cofrestru Tir 2002, mae'r copi hwn yn dderbyniol fel tystiolaeth i'r un graddau ar gwreiddiol.

– I gael gwybodaeth am y gofrestr teitl gweler gwefan y Gofrestrfa Tir www.cofrestrfatir.gov.uk neu Gyfarwyddyd Cyhoeddus 1-Cyfarwyddyd i'r wybodaeth rydym yn ei chadw a sut y gallwch ei chael.

– Gweinyddir t teitl hwn gan Gofrestrfa Tir Swyddfa Cymru.

Where the title contains extracts from title documents or property transfers, they will be set out in the same language as they were originally, and will not be translated. Thus an extract from an original document will only appear in Welsh if the original document was in Welsh.

Conveyancing Solicitors may prepare documents in either language, and the land registry forms are available in both languages.

Although it has been compulsory to register all property titles in Swansea for all sales completed after December 1975, Conveyancing Solicitors may come across houses which have not been sold since before that date which still have unregistered titles. If that is the case then a buyer’s Conveyancing Solicitors will need to register the title after completion. The seller’s Property Lawyer will show title by providing copies of the old title deeds, together with copies of any other documents such as death certificates and grants of probate which may be required.

As buyers’ Conveyancing Solicitors will want to be sure that the land registry will register the title without any difficulties, they may ask the seller to apply for registration before agreeing to exchange contracts. This is usually the case where there is any problem with the title, such as missing deeds or a discrepancy between an old deeds plan and the current plan of the property.

If you are buying or selling a house in Wales, Fridaysmove will be to arrange for a Swansea Conveyancing Solicitor to act for you who will be happy to discuss any queries you may have about the land registrations system.