Star-studded cast of expensive repairs unveiled by HomeBuyer Report in Somerset

The HomeBuyer Report in Somerset listed a multitude of faults at this large 1900’s home

A century old, three bedroom, three living room home in Crewkerne, Somerset, certainly sounds idyllic on the face of it. For the buyer, it may have conjured up images Downton Abbey. Unfortunately, the RICS Chartered Surveyor uncovered a host of problems that suggested the property might be better off featuring in Apocalypse Now.

 The HomeBuyer Report in Somerset contained the following calls for immediate action: 

  • Re-forming part of the roof to a steeper pitch
  • Re-pointing of a chimney stack
  • Replacement of flashings on a separate chimney stack
  • Installation of water-proof felt between roof timbers and tiles
  • Treatment of wood boring beetle infestation in roof timbers
  • Replacement of a bay window in the loft
  • Replacing the metal guttering and down pipes
  • Installation of safety glass in original windows
  • Localised re-plastering to various parts of walls and partitions
  • Updating the electric system to comply with modern regulations

As if that wasn’t enough, the following recommendations for repair-work, although not as urgent, were declared by the HomeBuyer Report in Somerset:

  • Repairing metal tie work in walls
  • Installation of a damp proof course 
  • Upgrading the supporting lintels to the external doors
  • Rectifying the deteriorating chimney flues
  • Removing the chipboard that the water tank is located on and replacing with ply wood
  • Getting rid of the hot water cylinder located in the airing cupboard and installing modern appliance

Access to roof will be tricky

In fairness, a lot of the issues are roof-centric and it might be tempting to think that this simplifies the issue. Unfortunately, roof repairs are notoriously expensive when access is complex. This is exactly the problem in this case, according to the HomeBuyer Report in Somerset. Due to the age and size of the property, scaffolding will be anything but simple and the cost of repairs will be anything but cheap.

Curtain call

The HomeBuyer Report in Somerset exposed a stellar cast of severe faults lurking underneath a dream home. Buyers beware: it might look great on the face of it, but do you know what is happening behind the scenes?