South coast Flooding – Solicitor Conveyancing in Bournemouth advises on insurance.

The torrential downpour which caused flooding yesterday in Bournemouth highlights the importance of home owners making sure they have adequate insurance, as Solicitors Conveyancing in Bournemouth will confirm. About 60mm or rain fell on the town and surrounding areas in a few hours, rapidly flooding buildings and roads in the town as drains were unable to cope with the deluge.

When flooding causes damage to homes, householders will need to have adequate cover. Not only  structural damage but also consequential loss should be included, not to mention expenses incurred if a home is uninhabitable. When acting for homebuyers Solicitors Conveyancing in Bournemouth will check that clients have arranged satisfactory cover on completion, especially if they have obtained a mortgage, but owners should check that the amount of the reinstatement value has been increased in line with rising costs after they have owned a dwelling for some time.

Advice for leaseholders – check proper arrangements are in place

There are many apartment buildings in Bournemouth, and the owners of flats in such properties should be particularly concerned to ensure that their freeholder has properly insured the building. The majority of residential leases require the building owner (usually the freeholder) to insure, with the annual premium being recovered by way of the service charge. But do not assume that this will always be done, make sure that everything is in order.

On the purchase of a flat buyers' Solicitors Conveyancing in Bournemouth will ask for a copy of the policy and current schedule to check that adequate arrangements are in place. Larger blocks are usually managed by professional agents, who can normally be relied on to ensure that proper cover is maintained. However things can get very haphazard where the leaseholders have shares in the freehold, or the freeholder is absent or non-resident and does not perform their obligations.

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Owners of apartments on upper floors may think that they will not be affected by flooding, but very heavy rainfall can cause damage to roofs and ceilings, as happened yesterday at a private hospital in Bournemouth. In such cases it is essential that the whole block is covered. Many leases of maisonettes require each owner to make separate arrangements, but if one proprietor fails to do so problems can arise for the other. In such circumstances Solicitors Conveyancing in Bournemouth arrange for purchasers to obtain a separate indemnity policy, which will pay out in the event of any difficulty.

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