Solicitor in Plymouth completes on purchase of freehold abode

Property Lawyer Gemma Farguson handled the Conveyancing in Plymouth for the sale of a semi-detached dwelling on Meadowside Close, PL15.

A local authority search for Conveyancing in Plymouth, carried out via Plymouth City Council, Armada Way, Plymouth, PL1 2AA, revealed that the home is located within an area where more than 1% of the properties are affected by radon gas. This was an obvious concern for the purchaser’s and their Conveyancing Solicitor and Gemma had to supply additional information to them to ensure that the sale would not fall through.

 The vendors confirmed that they had carried out a home test to measure the amount of gas present in the dwelling and carried out minor works to protect the home. Techniques for reducing exposure in new and existing dwellings include:

  • Under-floor extraction or sump system – a sump is a small void (about the size of a bucket) into which the gas can be collected before being vented into the open air. The sump is dug under a solid floor from the side of a house, and a pipe and a fan are attached. For a typical house this is often the most effective method.
  • Improved ventilation under suspended timber floors – New air bricks are installed in walls to ventilate the under-floor space. In some cases a fan is added. This decreases the amount entering the dwelling area of the house.
  • Positive ventilation - These blow air into the living space from the loft, both diluting radon and reducing its seepage into the house by slightly increasing air pressure.
  • Sealing cracks and gaps in solid concrete floors - The seals prevent radon entering the house through the floor. However, it is essential that all cracks are sealed. Sealing only, 90% of cracks is likely to have little effect on levels. The work involved, e.g. removing carpets and skirting boards, can be highly disruptive.
  • Additional permanent ventilation – This is the least effective way to reduce levels in homes, but can work when the levels are low. It includes trickle vents in windows and lockable catches that hold windows permanently open. It should not be possible to close the vents or windows fully.

It is important for Solicitors, when Conveyancing in Plymouth on behalf of sellers, to provide accurate information to buyers to protect both themselves and the vendor from being sued for misrepresentation.

This issue did not threaten the sale, however, and the buyer’s Solicitor was content with the details supplied by Gemma.

The memo of sale from the agent, the Webbers branch at 10a Broad Street, Plymouth, PL15 8AD, was forwarded to the purchasers shortly before the final exchange of the legal contracts.

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