Solicitor completes on transaction in Northampton despite 1973 restrictions

Bipin Vaghela was instructed to handle Conveyancing in Northampton for a residential home on Cottagewell Court, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN3 by purchasers Mr. and Mrs. C.

A series of restrictive covenants were listed in the land registry documentation which dated back to 1973. Bipin had to verify that the previous owners had complied with the said covenants, details of which are below:

"THE Transferee hereby covenants with the Corporation for the benefit and protection of the remainder of the land comprised in the above mentioned title (hereinafter referred to as "the retained land") and each and every part thereof to the intent and so as to bind the Property hereby transferred and each and every part thereof into whosoever hands the same may come that they the Transferee will observe and perform the covenants and stipulations set out in the Third Schedule hereto.

THE Corporation and their successors in title being the owners of the retained land for the time being remaining unsold may at any time or times hereafter release vary or modify any of the said stipulations and the covenants on the part of the Transferee herein before contained shall not operate to impose any restriction on the manner in which the Corporation and their successors may deal with any other land belonging to them or be deemed to create a building scheme.

Particulars of Covenants on the part of the Transferee

1. That no buildings other than private dwelling houses or bungalow with or without garages shall be at any time erected on the Property hereby transferred or any part thereof and that no part of the Property shall at any time be used for purposes other than those relating to private residence

2. Not to make any additions or alterations of any kind whatsoever to the buildings erected or to be erected on the said property or any part thereof pursuant to clause four of this Transfer or to erect any other buildings erections fences or other permanent means of enclosure upon any part of the property without the consent in writing of the Corporation first had and obtained.

3. Not to do or permit anything to be done on the Property or any part thereof which may be or grow to be a nuisance damage grievance or annoyance to the Corporation or the owners for the time being of any adjoining or neighbouring property and to keep all that area of land for the time being undeveloped in a neat and tidy condition

4. Not to erect or place or suffer to be placed on any part of the Property any hoarding or other erection for the purpose of exhibiting any advertisement or notice other than relating to the sale or letting of any part of the Property and no advertisements other than aforesaid shall at any time be affixed to or exhibited on any part of the Property

5. Not to affix or permit or suffer to be affixed external wires supports radio or television broadcast reception apparatus to the exterior of any dwelling houses or other erections of any kind constructed or to be constructed within the perpetuity period on the Property or any part thereof"

The house, which was valued at £143, 500, is located within the local authority district of Northampton Council at The Guildhall, St. Giles Square, Northampton, NN1 1DE.

The seller’s Conveyancing Solicitor was the Park Woodfine Heald Mellows LLP branch at 16 Castillian Street, Northampton, NN1 1JX.

Fridaysmove would like to thank Park Woodfine Heald Mellows and the handling estate agent, Horts, for assisting with this transaction which completed on the 20th of August 2010.