Schedule of 1931 restrictions highlighted during Bromley Conveyancing

Land registry documentation for a recent Conveyancing in Bromley transaction revealed that the residence was subject to schedule of restrictions as set out in a deed dated 1/5/1931. It was important for the handling Solicitor, Laura Gill, to check with the other side’s Solicitor that the aforementioned stipulations had been fully complied with.

Provisions referred to, included the following:

The purchasers shall according and in proportion to the extent of their frontage towards any street or road marked on the said plan "A" contribute (with the owners for the time being of other parts of the said estate and having such frontage) towards the expense of repairable and maintaining the footway or verge to such road or street adjoining their frontage and the half of such road or street so adjoining unless or until the same is or shall be taken over by the District council or other competent authority.

The purchasers shall not be entitled to any easement or right of light air or otherwise which would restrict or interfere with the free use of any adjoining or neighbouring part of the said Estate for building or other purposes.

The freehold dwelling is located at Ridgeway, Hayes, Bromley, Kent, BR2 and was valued at approximately £457, 500.

Responses to standard enquiries for Conveyancing in Bromley were requested electronically from the local authority district, Bromley District Council, at the Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH.

Laura also discovered that there were planning permissions affecting the residence, including a first floor side extension over the garage. Relevant approvals for the works and completion certificates were requested as confirmation of compliance with building regulations. The results of the search also revealed that the property is situated within a designated conservation area, which means that all works, no matter how minor, will require approval from the council.

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