Save the Land Registry campaign

You are probably aware that The Land Registry could be one of many assets the government may sell as it acts to reduce record borrowing.

The Land Registry is a vital contributor towards our economy and provides a superb and efficient service to property solicitors and conveyancers. We are concerned that privatising The Land Registry could result in a dilution of the high service standards of the Registry.

The state backed guarantee of title is a key to public confidence. The Registry is a quasi-judicial body and must remain accountable to the public.

We at Fridaysmove are not against privatisation, or efficiency drives.  But we are concerned about the risks of doing so in this case.

Fridaysmove have helped to start a campaign against the possible privatisation of the Land Registry. Called Save the Land Registry, the campaign is a call to action for anyone who does not want to see this well-run, efficient organisation that is at the heart of the property conveyancing process be put through privatisation - a traumatic and risky business to say the least!