Sale of freehold end of terrace house: Conveyancing Chesterfield, S40

Fridaysmove 's 'Conveyancing in Chesterfield' team have been successful in handling the purchase Conveyancing for a freehold end of terrace house on Hope Street in Chesterfield, Derbyshire for a property valued at £107, 000.

The transaction was completed in July 2010. As this property is located in an area previously known for coal mining, conveyancers needed to take extra precautions for potential hazards relating to the natural subsidence of the area. Chesterfield's economy has developed into other industries - Nevertheless, the town's rich history not only lives on in the minds of its residents, but also in the ground beneath their feet.

Laura Gill was the Local Property Lawyer in charge of the Conveyancing for this property. The buyer’s conveyancing solicitor in Chesterfield was Kieran Clarke & Green Solicitors. The estate agent was the Spire Estate Agents branch which covers Chesterfield.

Fridaysmove would like to thank both Kieran Clarke & Green and also Spire Estate Agents for their attention to details and expertise, assisting Laura continue her run of successfully transacted Chesterfield Conveyancing instructions.