Rotting windows could make this purchase a costly proposition, Home Buyers Survey in Surrey reveals.

Windows will need a revamp

The Residential Surveyor of this Home Buyers Survey in Surrey was concerned that the windows of a flat and the surrounding communal areas had significant weathering and even showed signs of rotting. The buyer would have no option but to replace them altogether, which would be an expensive procedure. The presence of rotting would also expose the risk of further defects from occurring, such as dampness and fungal growth.

Although a full replacement of these windows would be a dear investment, the implications that this could have for the home’s value in long term could more than justify this.

Could the electrics be faulty?

The installation of the electrics, which is estimated to be in an original and therefore dated construction, compelled the Surveyor to recommend further inspections by a competent electrician.

One of the key purposes of a HomeBuyer Report is to obtain evidence of any certificates that can confirm the safety and overall performance of the services at a property.
Without this vital evidence, the buyer could be purchasing a home that is has initially been priced well above its true value before a Home Buyer Survey reveals such hidden defects.

Test the hot water to rule out any cold baths

The Home Buyers Survey in Surrey also noted that the domestic hot water supply had not recently been tested, which meant that the Residential Surveyor could not guarantee that it was working properly. As a result of this finding, the survey recommended another inspection of the water heating system by a competent professional. A lack of hot water on the first day of move in is clearly a dilemma any buyer could do without.