Home Buyers Survey in West Yorkshire argues for renovation

About the property

This is a three bedroom semi-detached property that is estimated to have been built circa 1965. The internal services were disconnected, which suggested that the home had been repossessed.

Low marks for decoration

The Building Survey in West Yorkshire noted a few concerns in regards to the general condition of the interior. The Surveyor found that the decoration inside the property was in a poor state and the buyer would need to arrange a refurbishment for the kitchen and the bathroom as well.

No apparent roof defects

Fortunately, the Surveyor was please to report that the condition of the roof covering and the roof structure was good. There were no obvious signs of any damage of deterioration and it was likely that the roof had been replaced prior to this inspection.

Potential for lead poisoning

The report identified the potential for lead poisoning into the water mains, which would be a potential health risk for the occupants in this property. The joint between the chimney and the roof comprises of conventional lead flashing. This was found to be in a relatively bad condition and should be replaced.

The buyer may wish to investigate the potential for lead poisoning further, especially since the Surveyor was unable to fully inspect the chimney because access to this area was restricted. Therefore, the buyer may prefer to contact a specialist to conduct a more detailed examination.

Wall close to collapsing

The Building Survey in West Yorkshire reported lateral movement to a wall in the back garden. The Surveyor recommended that this be reconstructed because it is unstable.

About the Building Survey

The Building Survey involved a visual inspection of this building but did not include tests on the services of the property.

The inspection has been designed to make it easier for home buyers to assess the level of repair work that will be needed for the property they are interested in purchasing.

With a Building Survey, home buyers can avoid paying excessive repair costs for their property.