Remortgage and Purchase Conveyancing – Bristol and West no longer offer mortgages

In the world of mortgages and conveyancing Bristol and West are the latest lender to offer incentives in an attempt to persuade borrowers to remortgage elsewhere. In recent months Mortgage Express, the specialist lending arm of Bradford & Bingley, also offered to waive fees ( bank fees – not conveyancing fees ).

The conveyancing Bristol team as well as other conveyancing teams covering conveyancing across England and Wales are notifying their clients of these incentives just in case Bristol and West have not written directly to our conveyancing clients.
Under a pilot scheme, Bristol & West has written to 1, 400 borrowers with this offer. It has asked London & Country, the mortgage broker, to take these customers through their options. We expect many of the conveyancing clients at Fridaysmove to be contacted.

If you are conveyancing client of Fridaysmove and have received a letter form Bristol and West we would happy to explore the opportunities with you.

If you are a buyer looking for purchase conveyancing – Bristol and West are no longer offering mortgages

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