Rapid Sheffield Conveyancing work concludes on a leasehold purchase in Oughtibridge.

June 2010 saw Fridaysmove instructed to handle the Sheffield Conveyancing work for Mr & Mrs S, on their purchase of a leasehold flat in Oughtibridge, Sheffield, S35.

Reeds Rains, on 23 Campo Lane, Sheffield, S1 2EG, were the agents handling the sale and the price was in the region of £205k.

When Property Lawyer Irene Bonsu-Amoako received the draft contract and associated documents from them, she was able to check the seller's title and send comprehensive additional enquiries and draft transfer to the sellers Solicitors (Irwin Mitchell on Riverside East, 2 Millsands, Sheffield, S3 8DT) within a day.

The property title was a lease with an 800 year term.   There was therefore no requirement for a lease extension and the outstanding term was more than adequate for the mortgage lender's requirements.   The sellers Solicitors were asked to obtain information from the freeholder about the level of service charges and other information about the management of the block in which the flat was located.

Where properties such as this are located within a parish having an old parish church, buyers Sheffield Conveyancing Solicitors should carry out a search to ascertain whether there is any possibility that the property might be liable to contribute to the repairs of the chancel of the church.   Liability for chancel repairs was previously regarded as academic, but a case some years ago decided that a property owner could still be liable for what (in that case) was a very substantial contribution to the cost of repairing the local church. See our article on chancel repair liability for more information.

The River Don flows through the area so a check would also be made as to whether the property had been affected by flooding in the past or was located in an area where there was a risk of flooding.   Even if a flat is situated on the upper floor of a building, so that it might not be directly affected by any flooding, any flooding to the ground floor could still impact on the owners of upper floors, e.g. if flooding affected the foundations of the building.

Oughtibridge is a residential village on the northern outskirts of Sheffield;  the local administrative areas are Sheffield City Council and South Yorkshire Metropolitan County.

We applied to the local authority for Sheffield Conveyancing searches which didn’t reveal anything adverse, so the buyers were able to proceed without delay, and exchange took well within their required timetable.