Rapid completion of Conveyancing in Portsmouth impresses sellers.

The sale of a substantial Edwardian home on Marion Road Southsea Portsmouth PO4 presented a fine opportunity for Conveyancer Dawn Thomas to show her clients just how quickly Conveyancing in Portsmouth can now be completed. As soon as her clients confirmed their instructions Dawn sent them an email attaching the property information form for completion.

She also applied to the Portsmouth office of the land registry for a copy of the property title. Copies can now be downloaded within seconds, together with copies of any documents referred to in the register, enabling Conveyancing Solicitors to check ownership details without delay. This is just one way in which Conveyancing in Portsmouth has been accelerated.

When locally-based agents Fry and Kent of 7/9 Stanley Street, Southsea, PO5 2DS introduced a buyer Dawn was immediately able to despatch the contract together with all the other relevant documents by email. The Conveyancing Solicitors acting for the buyers were Kippax Beaumont Lewis who are based in Bolton so all correspondence with them was sent by email or fax to save delay.

Portsmouth City Council processes searches promptly.

The buyers were keen to proceed, and their Property Lawyers requested the usual property search from Portsmouth City Council at Civic Offices, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth PO1 2QJ. They were able to request this electronically and the Council transmitted the replies within three days, an excellent turnaround time which is another factor in speeding-up Conveyancing in Portsmouth.

The search showed that the house was located in the Craneswater & Eastern Parade conservation area. As homes in these areas are subject to additional planning controls, the purchasers Conveyancers requested confirmation that the sellers had not carried out any external alterations or extensions. This was confirmed and the purchasers were then ready to proceed so a completion date was soon agreed.

The vendors were very pleased that their Conveyancing in Portsmouth had been completed so rapidly, but as Dawn showed them, it is no longer necessary for this to be a long drawn-out process.

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