Purchase of freehold dwelling: London, SE18 - Conveyancing in Plumstead - exchanged 19/06/2009

In June 2009 Fridaysmove conveyancing lawyers Plumstead team acted on the purchase conveyancing for a freehold for a dwelling valued at around £200, 000. 00 located at London, SE18. The local authority area of the home is Greenwich Council Borough Of Londond - www.greenwich.gov.uk/. Detailed conveyancing enquiries were faxed within the same day of receiving draft contract documentation (including Transfer Deeds, Standard Conditions of Sale, replies to Requisitions on Title). The Land Registry Office Copies supplied revealed that the registered owners had owned the property for less than five years and as such there was a danger that the transfer of the property to the seller could be set aside if it was established that the property within that five year period was a Transfer at Undervalue. There was a concerning discrepancy between details of the registered owners as per the draft contract documentation as against the Official Copies. This was obviously significantly important to clarify as our conveyancing lawyer needed to be sure that the registered owner and the seller on the contract were one and the same. Catherine Williams was the property lawyer in charge of conveyancing in Plumstead, Greenwich, South East London, London. The estate agent's sales memorandum detailing the registered owners conveyancing lawyer was obtained shortly before receiving the draft contract documentation. The estate agent was the David Evans and Company branch covering Plumstead.