Proposed conversion of Victorian Keep to flats; Conveyancing Solicitor in Kingston upon Thames comments

Annington Property (APL) has announced plans for the conversion of a Grade II listed building in Kingston upon Thames, according to a report in the Kingston Guardian for 20 August 2011. Conveyancing Solicitors in Kingston upon Thames will know that works to listed buildings require special planning consent, and the proposed adaptation of the Victorian Keep on Kings Road to eight apartments will no doubt create considerable local interest.

APL is therefore taking the opportunity to display their proposals at an open afternoon on August 24th, when representatives will be on hand to answer questions. The Keep was formerly the entrance to Kingston barracks, and was constructed in 1875. It passed to APL when it was no longer required by the military.

Legal implications for flats in converted buildings

Many older building are now converted into flats, and anyone looking to purchase one of the apartments should instruct a Conveyancing Solicitor in Kingston upon Thames who is familiar with this type of property transaction. It is essential to instruct a Property Lawyer conversant with Conveyancing in Kingston upon Thames who can properly advise on the implications of purchasing a flat in such conversions, and ensure that the legal aspects are fully covered.

Annington Homes acquired nearly 58, 000 residential properties from the UK Government in 1996, under the largest single property transaction in this country. Many houses are leased back for use by military personnel, but those that are no longer required for that purpose are released and may then be refurbished and offered for sale.

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These former services married quarters often offer excellent value for money, and there is usually wide interest when such dwellings are marketed. Anyone considering buying one of them and Solicitors Conveyancing in Kingston upon Thames will be pleased to help with all the legal work for you.

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