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With over 35 years of experience as a property lawyer, the Conveyancing Insider has seen it all.
He believes that the consumer deserves a fair deal, and as such should be fully aware of the sometimes less than professional practice in the sector.
He prefers to stay anonymous.
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Jan 10

How to spot a conveyancing superstar

Choosing the right conveyancing solicitor is an important step when buying or selling a home.  So much so in fact, that it can make a material difference to your experience when moving home. Solicitors offer a professional service and, despite the common assertion that these services have become commoditised, they are still carried out by fallible human beings - good, bad and indifferent....

Feb 05

Lloyds moving cost study shows mortgage arrangement fees up 252%

The annual Lloyds TSB Review of the Cost of Moving Home was recently released to the press, and can be read in full here. On face value, the report is yet more bad news for Home Buyers, claiming that the 'Cost of moving rises faster than house prices over the past decade'. A link to 64% increase in house prices? The review points out that moving costs have increased in actual...

Nov 21

Is CQS really a Badge of Excellence?

It has been announced that, since launch, the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) has received 1, 443 applications from Conveyancing Solicitors’ firms, of which 768 have been accepted, and 21 refused (information accurate as of November 2, 2011). We have been discussing the merits of this scheme since it launched last year, but these statistics give me pause. On the face of it, CQS...

Sep 26

Gazanging and the self-fulfilling prophecy

For anyone yet to register the word 'Gazanging' in their vocabulary, Gazanging is the new (we are informed) phenomenon coined by a prominent online conveyancing firm. For those of you planning to 'hang in' there with this piece, another Gazanging blog, I am not intending to just pontificate about the ethical questionability of home sellers choosing to pull out at the last minute for reasons...

Sep 22

Fast Conveyancing and the Gazanging Paradox

Author note: It is the practice and belief of both the author and Fridaysmove that Fast Conveyancing is the best way to reduce fall through rates and stress for buyers, sellers and all other parties in the home buying process.   Although this article reasons that in a slim number of cases it might be counter productive, in the vast majority of cases proactivity in Conveyancing can only...

Aug 31

Buying property with a friend? Conveyancing advice you must consider

Concerns when co-purchasing and Conveyancing on a house or flat With first-time buyers finding it ever harder to get a foot on the property ladder, many are increasingly tempted by the lure of purchasing a property in conjunction with friends or family members.In addition to the usual practical considerations however, there are several additional risks to this practice which must be...

Aug 13

A Conveyancer's view on the Mail Online article - Deal or no deal

An article in today’s Mail Online entitled ‘Deal or no deal? Don't let buyers stall your sale in a sticky market’ has some sage albeit unrevolutionary advice for sellers. The article suggest that buyers are slowing, even scuppering deals with aggressive last minute negotiations.  The Conveyancing Insider looks in more detail at what you can do to prevent buyers from slowing...

Jul 22

Buying a Freehold House Part V - What your Solicitor does after completion

You might think that your Conveyancing Solicitor’s work has finished apart from a final letter or two, but I can assure you that this is not the case! There is still a lot of work for your Conveyancing Solicitor to do before his or her job is finished. In some ways this part of the work is the most important part of the whole process, because the legal transfer of title is not complete...