Conveyancing Solicitors in Manchester advise on converted mill apartments

Conveyancing Solicitors in Manchester frequently act for clients buying apartments in former cotton mills or other industrial buildings.

The 'dark satanic mills' of yesteryear have been transformed into residential properties providing light and airy accommodation, and often in fashionable, up-and-coming districts.

Vulcan Mill, on Pollard Street, Ancoats Urban Village, Manchester M4 7AJ is a example of this trend. Together with the adjoining Albion Mills, this structure has been redeveloped as apartments, with office space at ground floor level. Original architectural features such as high ceilings and large windows have been preserved, and its central location makes it a popular choice for buyers.

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Purchasers of flats in such buildings would do well to take advice from Conveyancing Solicitors in Manchester who regularly handle similar transfers, as there are several legal features which set them apart.

These are just some of the points which will be covered:

  • Checking that appropriate planning consents have been obtained and advising on any planning conditions which would directly affect buyers ( e.g. not doing anything to damage original features).
  • Many of these buildings are Grade II listed, or are in conservation areas, so all conversion works require special approvals.
  • Making sure that developers provided NHBC or similar warranties in respect of the conversion works, or that architects professional certificates were issued. (these ensure that the costs of remedying defects in the conversion works do not fall on apartment owners. ) 
  • It is essential for proper building maintenance arrangements to be in place. The cost of maintaining and repairing older properties may be higher than for modern ones, so details of service charges must be obtained.
  • Where offices or other commercial units exist in the building, the management must be arranged so that the occupiers of residential units are not affected, e.g. by higher buildings insurance premiums or managing agents charges.

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