Old restrictions don’t cause any difficulties for Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham

The Conveyancing of a freehold house on Crossfield Road, Kitts Green, Birmingham B33 was rapidly completed by Property Lawyer Katie Clark in November 2010. The sellers confirmed their instructions and completed the usual information forms which Katie had sent them. Having already obtained a copy of the land registry title, together with a copy of the transfer dating from the time when the house was first sold, she was able to despatch the contract and other paperwork as soon as she had details of the buyers' Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham.

The Reeds Rains branch at 124 Church Road, Yardley, Birmingham B25 8UT  had found buyers, and their Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham were Carvers of 10 Coleshill Road, Hodge Hill, Birmingham B36 8AA.

The registered title showed that the house was subject to some covenants contained in the original transfer. As Katie was able to send a copy of this with the contract, the buyers' Property Lawyers were able to see that these restrictions were of the sort commonly found on residential properties, and did not cause them any concern.

Common examples of old restrictions

Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham frequently find that homes are subject to such covenants which have been imposed by earlier deeds. They are usually intended to ensure that the owners of homes on a new estate do not use their property for any purpose which might detract from the general amenities or cause annoyance to other residents. This usually includes prohibiting use for any trade or business, but quite often they will prohibit such activities as repairing cars or hanging washing in the front of houses or storing boats or caravans on driveways.

However they may also restrict further development, so if an extension has been built then Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham may need to investigate whether appropriate consent has been obtained from the original developer. Should this not have been done then they may require the vendor to pay the premium for an indemnity insurance policy which would cover any losses or expenses subsequently incurred by the purchasers.

There were no such problems with this sale, so Katie was soon able to arrange completion for her clients once they had agreed a removal date.

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