Is there such thing as a DIY HIP?

Is the DIY HIP a possibility ?

Successful DIY HIP production  is achievable. One can produce a HIP yourself rather than pay a HIP provider for the HIP. You will nevertheless have to  pay individual companies for the documents in the HIP. Please note that this may be a false economy as you may not necessarily end up with a cheaper HIP, leaving aside the fact that it could take some time and effort to arrange.

HIP negligence

As a private individual you don't have any HIP negligence insurance but solicitors and HIP providers do. If you make a mistake doing a DIY HIP, you will personally be responsible.

HIP Costs

The financial reasons for a DIY HIP may have been more compelling a year or so ago when a HIP could cost as much as GBP 800. The Internet has had such a impact on reducing HIP fee levels that is questionable whether a DIY HIP is worth the effort. One now is able to purchase a cheap HIP online for less than GBP 200.

HIP Documents

If you do go for a DIY HIP you will need to know which documents are compulsory and optional as we suggest you visit the government web site for HIPs for further guidance. From the 6th April 2009 the HIP will need to include a PIQ.

You will need to arrange for an Energy Performance Certificate ( EPC ) to be done by a Domestic Energy Assessor or qualified Home Inspector (you can't do the EPC yourself). The EPC will need to be included in the HIP.

You will also need to go to the Land Registry for evidence of title and a copy of the lease, if leasehold. Plus you will have to get the searches done, either direct from the local authority or personal search company, or through a conveyancer.

Whatever you decide, HIP provider or DIY HIP, you have to get the HIP in place, before you market your property.