Are you allowed to have a lodger?

Freehold property owners can usually take in lodgers. Most mortgage agreements allow you to rent out a room in your home, but you generally need permission from your lender. Check your mortgage agreement to see what it says.

Most leasehold owners can only take in a lodger if they:

a) have a lease of a whole house or flat

b) have a spare room

c) get permission from their landlord before a lodger moves in

Many council tenants and some housing-association tenants are automatically allowed to take in a lodger but most other leaseholders are not as most leases specifically prohibits letting out part only of a property (in other words letting out a room). Check your lease or ask your property lawyer to check the lease to see what it says. It may well be that the report that you received from your lawyer advises you in this area. If the lease doesn't say anything at all, you probably do need permission, and if you breach your lease your landlord could try to evict you by threatening you with forfeiture of your lease.

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