How to Find a Property Auction

One of the most common questions we are asked is “Why are some Property Auctions so difficult to find?”  

Surely auctioneers have a duty to advertise as far and wide as possible?  Well yes, however advertising budgets are typically quite stretched and in reality exposure is accordingly limited.  As a result it can feel as though Property Auctions are a bit of a clandestine affair.

Nevertheless,  you can still Find Property Auctions with relative ease and with a bit of research it is possible to draw up a list of auctions of interest to you.

Fridaysmove maintain a list of auctioneers throughout the UK to help you Find A Property Auction.  Although we endeavour to maintain the currency of this auctioneer list, auctions crop up all the time and we cannot ensure that it is always 100% comprehensive.

There are an number of other methods you can employ to help you Find a Property Auction:


  • Subscribe to Property Auction News, a monthly newsletter with lists of auctions throughout the UK.  There is a cost to this subscription but a small price to pay if it leads you to a bargain purchase.  At the time of writing a free trial was available.
  • Internet search
  • Property Portals like Findaproperty and Rightmove often list properties being sold at auction.  Note that some auction houses now use the portals to advertise lots so this is a critical place to help you Find a Properfty Auction.
  • Yellow Pages, seems obvious but increasingly overlooked as a reliable means to Find a Property Auction.
  • Other Directories like Thompson Local are also be useful
  • Scour the local press and property press in particular, auctions will be advertised here.
  • Speak to Estate Agents, many of whom run their own auctions or list their properties for sale at auction as well as through their shop window
  • Take not of property for sale boards that state “For Sale at Auction”.  These will lead you to the auction itself
  • Sign up to mailing lists, typically we are averse to doing this but many auctioneers and specialist websites offer high;ly useful lists of when and where auctions are taking place.
  • Other specialist online property auction lists.

As you build your own personal database of Propetry Auctions and sign up to the many mailing lists available, you will quickly start to wonder ho you ever had so much difficulty in Finding a Property Auction.