University fuels demand for housing in Worcester

A dramatic increase in the number of students studying at the University of Worcester is boosting demand for housing in the city, the institution has claimed. This is creating a more competitive market for well maintained, high quality properties in many parts of the city. Almost 1, 000 full-time first year students currently staying in university-managed accommodation but many enter private rented accommodation when they enter their second year.

More opportunities for landlords

Landlords have a very important role in the private rental sector, accommodating the vast majority of students from the University of Worcester. The continued growth of this higher education establishment should offer more opportunities for homeowners in the city who are particularly interested in the buy to let scheme.  

More students seeking accommodation in Worcester

Many property purchasers capitalise on these investments by letting their property to house sharers, who are often students or young professionals.  With Worcester’s rising student population, there will be more competition for shared housing in the future.  

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