Conveyancing Solicitor discusses the risk of flooding in Worcester

Summer 2007 – one of the worst floods on record

In the summer of 2007, Worcester experienced one of its worst floods on record, devastating hundreds of businesses. The repair costs for council properties in the city, including Timberdine Nursing Home, reached £120, 000 and the total cost of the flooding for the county of Worcestershire was estimated at £150 million.

When observing weather events of recent years, flooding in the UK is becoming more and more common. Certain villages, towns and cities are at a greater risk due to their proximity to major rivers and the degree of flood defences that have been developed over time.

Purchasing a property is perhaps the largest financial commitment that anyone will ever make in their lifetime and conducting the appropriate due diligence is critical before you commit.

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As with home buying in any area of the UK, it is essential to fully investigate any environmental issues before buying a home in Worcester.  

Is your prospective Worcester home purchase at risk of flooding?

Recent data published by the Law Society shows that there are more than 2 million homes in the country that are exposed to potential flooding. A Conveyancing Solicitor in Worcester should conduct a search that will evaluate to what extent your prospective purchase is considered at risk of a flood event.

This will be based on evidence of past flood events that have taken place. The website of the Worcestershire Partnership identifies 10 percent of the land area in the city of Worcester as being situated in a high flood risk area. According to the State of the Environment update in 2006, this represents around 4, 000 properties.  

Insurance is critical

Your Solicitor will advise you as to whether or not the property is currently insured against flood risk and may advise additional specialist insurance is taken out if your new home is at risk from a flood event.

The cost of this will vary on the associated risk, although some insurance providers have raised their premiums significantly for properties that have been subject to repeated flood events in Worcester in recent years.   If in doubt always consult with a qualified Worcester Conveyancing Solcitor.