What is a Predicted Energy Assessment ?

Predicted energy assessments are for New Build homes HIPs. Normally, when a home is designed, a “target energy rating” based on the design is produced to show a building inspector that the property will meet requirements under Part L of the Building Regulations.

The final energy performance of the property must achieve at least
this target energy rating to receive its final sign-off from the building inspector.
Given the importance of conveying energy efficiency information to the
prospective buyer, this existing process will be used to produce a “predicted
energy assessment. ”

Once the SAP energy rating is available, anyone is able to use this to produce the predicted energy assessment. However, there are a number of requirements for the assessment that need to be adhered to. Specifically, the predicted energy assessment must contain:

  • the address or proposed address of the property
  • the predicted asset rating of the building based on its plans and specifications; and expressed in a way approved by the Secretary of State under regulation 17A of the Building Regulations 2000
  • an explanation of that asset rating
  • the title “Predicted Energy Assessment”
  • the following statement “This document is a Predicted Energy Assessment
    required to be included in a HIP for properties
    marketed when they are incomplete. It includes a predicted energy rating
    which might not represent the final energy rating of the property on
    completion, although once the property is completed, the Pack should
    include information about the energy performance of the completed
    property. ”

There is no prescribed format for the predicted energy assessment, although a
suggested form is available . There is no need for the certificates to be lodged in
the register.