What is an EPC?

An EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate,  provides detailed information on making a building more energy efficient as well as reducing its carbon footprint. All buildings, offered for sale or rent in the UK require an EPC.  

EPCs assess a wide range of factors, including whether or not the house has double glazed windows, or loft insulation and should be a factor in selecting a future home.

What is the EPC's 'Energy Efficiency Rating'?

To make an educated decision about the running costs of a house or flat, a buyer can review the property's EPC 'Energy Efficiency Rating' which is an 'A to G' rating similar to those found on modern appliances.  

This 'Energy Efficiency Rating' gives buyers a clear and graphical assessment of the property's energy consumption and indicates the savings that could be achieved with the correct energy-saving measures in place.

An EPC's 'A to G' assessment:

  • A (92-100) - The most efficient rating, indicating both low CO2 emissions and lower running costs.
  • D (55-68) - This is the average grade for properties across the UK.
  • G (1-20) - The least efficient. Properties which receive a 'G' are likely to be costly to run, and will need urgent improvements to cut fuel expenses.

*Ratings are awarded out of 100.

The role of the Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA)

Only accredited Domestic Energy Assessors can produce EPCs. DEAs are Surveyors who specialise in EPCs, and who are better able to advise on the steps a home buyer could take to save money through 'greener living'.

Saving Money and the Environment with an EPC

The EPC report also advises on the measures a buyer could take to reduce their CO2 and cut monthly fuel bills.

The Energy Saving Trust has reported that EPCs could save the average residential property owner £300 each year.  It may be the case that suggested improvements seem expensive at first, but it is usually the case that within 6-12 months, a new owner will see a return on their investment in the form of savings on their energy costs.

Considering that homeowners move only once every four years, taking steps to cut wasted energy as soon as possible could save £1000s.


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