What do Solicitors in Bolton think of plans for futuristic home?

A planning application for a futuristic dwelling around a 260ft chimney has many amazed, but what do Solicitors in Bolton think of the design?

The owners of a grade II listed Victorian chimney in Bolton have submitted plans to Bolton Council (Town Hall, Victoria Square, Bolton, BL1 1RU) for the development of what could be the country’s most unusual home.

If approved, the design will feature a 360 degree glass-fronted extension around the chimney to form a house 60 feet above the ground. The residence will be fully equipped with a lounge area, three bedrooms and two bathrooms with access via an internal staircase and lift. Conveyancing Solicitors in Bolton have worked on transactions for homes with unique features, such as flying and creeping freeholds, but never a structure like this.

The chimney was built in 1863 to serve Halliwell Bleach Works, which closed in the 1980s and left the structure abandoned. The proposed development will significantly benefit the local area as it will no doubt become a tourist attraction, however, from a Conveyancing perspective there are several issues present.

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The structure is situated within a designated conservation area on green belt land, meaning that special protections are in place to preserve its architectural and historic interests. Conveyancing Solicitors in Bolton are continuously advising clients to be cautious when making alterations to their home, as planning restrictions can be quite stringent.

The proposal seems quite the opposite of historic, being the complete definition of ‘modern’. Click here for an artist's rendition of what the home will look like.

The idea of living in a former windmill, lighthouse, electricity sub-station or old church may seem like an interesting idea; however, there could be a number of legal pitfalls requiring the services of an experienced residential Conveyancing Solicitor.

If a building has not previously been used for residential purposes but has the potential after renovation,  Solicitors advise clients to consult the local authority planning department in regards to gaining permission for a change of use and any other required approvals.

Whether you are purchasing an old school, a windmill or a barn in Bolton, it is essential to instruct an experienced Conveyancing Solicitor to assist you with the details of your transaction.

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