Swindon Conveyancing – New housing proposal rejected

The planning department at Swindon Borough Council (Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH) has said “no” to a proposal by Taylor Wimpey Developers to build a new housing estate in the town.

An overwhelming 1, 200 local residents and home owners in Swindon have signed a petition and issued letters of objection against a planning application for the construction of 53 new dwellings in Highworth on a local greenfield site.

A standard component of the Conveyancing in Swindon process involves the commission of an environmental search to highlight issues, such as land contamination, to Solicitors and homebuyers. In most cases, the risks associated with living on sites that have been previously used by industry are higher than average.

The Government, however, wants to bring as much brownfield land as possible back into use and is encouraging the regeneration of previously developed land to limit unnecessary development of greenfield sites and preserve countryside areas. Strict targets have been set to encourage building of the majority of new houses on land that has already been developed.

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Chairman of the planning committee at Swindon Council, Dale Heenan, said it was a “straightforward decision”.

"If you could imagine a red line around Highworth and outside of that red line - we classify that as the countryside and you're not allowed to build, " he said.

"The plans here, going back a number of years now, are to build outside that red line and it was a very straightforward case to say that this is not acceptable. "

The same rule applies to home owners when carrying out works to a dwelling and planning permission must always be sought from the local authority.

Swindon Conveyancing Searches

Solicitors acting on behalf of purchasers for Conveyancing in Swindon will routinely carry out checks to ensure that any renovations or construction works by previous owners have complied with building regulations and have obtained planning approval.

A local authority search for Swindon Conveyancing will also reveal whether or not a property is situated in a conservation area or is subject to a tree preservation order. Such orders are put in place to preserve architectural and historical interests, similar to the restrictions outlined above for preserving countryside areas.

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