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Burnley was a major cotton-weaving town, becoming one of the world's largest producers of cotton cloth at its peak. Steam power supplanted the original water-driven mill machinery, and the area saw the rapid development of coal mining. The drift mines and shallow bell-pits of earlier centuries were replaced by deeper shafts meeting industrial as well as domestic demand locally and by 1800 there were over a dozen pits in the modern day centre of the town alone. The town was also a major centre of engineering.

The coal and cotton industries have now ceased, but the town contains many modern industrial estates and a number of companies producing components for the aerospace and car industries are based locally.

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Burnley is reputed to have some of the lowest house prices in the country, especially the terrace housing in neighbourhoods adjacent to the town centre. However new homes are under construction at various locations, while old mills and other commercial premises have been converted into apartments which are now popular with many purchasers. If you are buying a home in the town, choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor who is experienced in Conveyancing in Burnley makes good sense, as it will ensure you an earlier completion date.

Property Lawyers with local knowledge for Conveyancing in Burnley will be able to advise you on whether or not a dwelling is located in a 'disadvantaged area' for stamp duty relief purposes. In these areas residential property transactions where the amount paid (or the value of any other 'consideration') is £150, 000 or less will be exempt. First-time buyers can claim exemption from duty on prices up to £250, 000.

Conveyancing in Burnley includes the commissioning  of the necessary searches and interpretation of replies. Local enquiries are forwarded to Burnley Borough Council at the Town Hall, Manchester Road, Burnley BB11 1JA. Applications are submitted electronically, and the average turnaround time is 4 working days, enabling transactions to progress without delays. The enquiries cover several areas that might be of importance to purchasers, including the following:

  • planning records
  • highway status and traffic plans
  • tree preservation orders and conservation areas
  • enforcement notices and compulsory purchase orders

Although mining and the old heavy industries have now ceased, their legacy can live on in the form of subsidence and contamination which may still affect home owners. Surveys will be commissioned as part of the process of Conveyancing in Burnley, which will show if there are any records of previous land use in the vicinity. They will also reveal details of any mine-shafts and coal seams together with any recorded subsidence and the likelihood of future soil movement. If land is affected by subsisting contamination, the current owner may be liable for carrying out any remediation works, which can be potentially expensive. Purchasers can therefore be reassured if the search results do not show anything adverse.

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