Guide to common issues arising when buying a Redditch home

The town of Redditch is ideally situated within the picturesque rolling countryside of Worcestershire, at the core of the British motorway network. A Solicitor with local knowledge extending across Worcestershire and past experience Conveyancing in Redditch will assist you in achieving a faster completion for your property transaction.

Designated a ‘new town’ in 1964, Redditch has seen its population more than double as new housing, office and industrial developments emerge in the area. Redditch also continues to maintain its unique industrial heritage and a history dating back to the middle ages. Well laid out residential and industrial areas are serviced by an efficient road system, which is an asset for commuters.

Standard searches for Conveyancing in Redditch

Standard searches for Conveyancing in Redditch are carried out via the local authority district; Redditch Borough Council, the Council House, Walter Stranz Square, Redditch, B98 8AH.

The issue of contaminated land is likely to arise in search results, given the town’s industrial history. When purchasing a property, Conveyancing Solicitors should routinely undertake environmental searches on the property to be purchased. In addition to an environmental report, a local land charges search may also be carried out when Conveyancing in Redditch. Records held by the council will provide some information on previous land uses, enabling your Solicitor to assess the likelihood of potential contamination in and around your property.

Conveyancing in Redditch for semi-detached abodes

Although there are limited areas of traditional terraced houses near the centre of the town, the main part of Redditch is made up of modern estates of semi-detached and detached homes built over the last 40 years on the new town principles.

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Semi-detached dwellings are a common type of development in the Redditch architectural landscape; however, there are certain issues to enquire about if you are considering buying one, such as boundary walls and fences. Solicitors familiar with Conveyancing in Redditch will examine the title deeds to the property and copies of boundary plans to clearly outline the portion(s) of the land that you are responsible for.

Another commonality with these types of dwelling is that some are bought under leasehold conditions. This means that in effect you are purchasing the rent for the house and the land it is built on for a very long time – any number of years from 10 to 999. You may be leasing the house off your neighbour or off a governmental body rather than owning it 'freehold'. Again, your Solicitor assisting you with Conveyancing in Redditch will be responsible for ensuring that everything is in order and that you understand all of the clauses.

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