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Delays when buying or selling a home can be irritating and stressful for the parties involved. A proactive local Solicitor can accelerate your Conveyancing in Southport by anticipating issues and acting swiftly to resolve delays - meaning you will move sooner.

In addition to being a popular seaside resort, Southport is an attractive residential area. The town provides many amenities for residents, and its excellent road and rail connections provide access to the large nearby conurbations of Liverpool and Manchester. Birkdale and Hesketh Park are especially sought after locations for home buyers, boasting many luxurious homes and apartments along the tree-lined avenues.

More efficient services from the land registry and other service providers have enabled Solicitors to provided faster Conveyancing in Southport for clients. The days of old-fashioned title deeds being posted back and forth are long-past; Conveyancing Solicitors can now download copies of property titles within minutes, thanks to the updated registry system. This includes a programme of digitising documents which were previously held in hard copy, such as old conveyances and leases, and which are now available for instant access, leading to fewer hold-ups during transactions.

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Search requests to the local authority district, Sefton Council (Cambridge Arcade, Southport, PR8 1DA) can now be submitted online, and responses to enquiries will often be received within the same day. Solicitors engaged in Conveyancing in Stockport also have the option of requesting personal searches from a number of private companies that also offer this service.

Faster Digital Conveyancing in Southport:

These improvements were utilised by Solicitor Serina Abay while Conveyancing in Southport on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. B for the purchase of a house on Chambres Road, Southport PR8.

Draft contracts, including a copy of the title for the dwelling, were emailed to Serina by the vendor’s Conveyancing Solicitor as soon as the agents had confirmed details of the sale, enabling Serina to initiate searches and make further enquiries within the same day. The search results were received without delays and final contracts were exchanged soon after.

Fast action from both the other side’s Solicitors and the agent responsible for the sale can also improve completion times. Fridaysmove would like to thank these parties for their assistance in deliver better, faster service to clients.

Local agents assisting with recent Southport Conveyancing:

  • Entwistle Green 343, Lord Street, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 1NH Tel: 01704 862 111
  • Bailey Estates, 51 Liverpool Road, Birkdale, Southport PR8 4BD Tel: 01704 564163

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