Local council assistance means Faster Conveyancing in Crawley

One of the first questions many homebuyers ask Conveyancing Solicitors when carrying out Conveyancing in Crawley is ‘what is the purpose of the local searches?’

As the cost has to be paid in advance, buyers rightly want to know what they are getting for their money.

For Conveyancing in Crawley, buyers Property Lawyers submit searches to Crawley Borough Council Town Hall, The Boulevard, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 1UZ Tel: 01293 438278.

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Solicitors can now submit these searches electronically, and Crawley council is currently returning most search results in two working days. This is an enviable achievement which means that Conveyancers dealing with Conveyancing in Crawley should be able to proceed swiftly so that homebuyers will be able to exchange contracts without delay.

The search falls into two parts, a check with the register of local land charges, and a general form of enquires covering a range of matters dealt with by the local authority. Local charges may be certain planning matters, such as planning conditions contained in the consent for a building. They may also be financial charges relating to various grants made to an owner, which have to be repaid when the house is sold. As these are charged on the property in the same way as a mortgage a purchaser’s Lawyer must make sure that any money payable to the council will be paid by the seller’s Solicitors on completion, as otherwise the buyer will become liable to repay the grant.

Some of the areas covered by the general enquiries include:

  • Details of planning consents and planning enforcement notices
  • Whether the road is adopted as a public highway
  • Plans for major road and railway schemes within the vicinity of the building
  • Proposes traffic schemes, including new parking restrictions, one way systems and similar matters
  • Whether a house is in a conservation order or affected by a tree preservation order
  • Any compulsory purchase order
  • Entries in the register of common land, town and village greens

Although the majority of searches for property in Crawley will not show anything which would adversely affect a property, they provide a valuable reassurance for homebuyers that mean they will not find the council doing something which would adversely affect their home after they have bought it.

Fridaysmove recommended Conveyancing Solicitors in Crawley will be happy to provide further information about these searches when carrying out your transaction.