Advice on new-build home from a Colchester Conveyancing Lawyer

When carrying out Conveyancing in Colchester for buyers of new or recently built properties, Conveyancing Solicitors will carry out a number of important checks. These include making sure that there is  planning consent and that the home has the benefit of a warranty issued by the NHBC or a similar company. The town has seen much new housing development in recent years, together with the conversion and refurbishment of older commercial buildings into modern apartments and flats, and a Fridaysmove -recommended Solicitor will provide expert advice for all Conveyancing in Colchester.

If a buyer is purchasing a newly-built home in Colchester from the developer then the buyer’s Conveyancing Solicitors should receive a full contract pack. This will include a copy of the planning permission granted by Colchester Borough Council, Rowan House, 33 Sheepen Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3WG Tel: 01206 282222, together with any planning agreements, a copy of the land title, and the standard form transfer deed.

Restrictions found when Conveyancing in Colchester

Planning consents for new homes in Colchester usually contain a number of conditions some of which may continue to affect the property after completion. Buyers will therefore need to know about these, as they may curtail owners’ rights to carry out further work such as building an extension or conservatory.

It is also essential that a new home has a warranty issued either by the National House-Building Council (NHBC) or under similar schemes provided by other companies. These provide valuable protection against defects, and are available for both new-build homes and flats, and for property conversions. Mortgage lenders require confirmation that a warranty certificate will be issued as a condition of lending.   These warranties provide continuing protection for the first ten year’s life of a building, and will continue to benefit subsequent owners during that period.

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Where an existing building is being converted into flats, the developer may not be prepared to provide a warranty. In this case a certificate will be required, and be produced during Conveyancing in Colchester, from an architect or developer who has overseen the conversion works, confirming that he has professional liability insurance which would cover any claims arising from defects in the conversion works.

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