Conveyancing in Brighton – Advice Buyers and Sellers Need to Know

Brighton contains a wide variety of residential property, and Fridaysmove recommended Conveyancing Solicitors regularly deal with all types of Conveyancing in Brighton. There are very many flats and other leasehold dwellings in the Brighton area, and Property Lawyers recommended by Fridaysmove have wide experience of leasehold property transactions.

Local searches:

For all Conveyancing in Brighton purchasers’ Solicitors submit local search applications to Brighton and Hove City Council at Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomews Square, Brighton BN1 1JA Tel. 01273 292007. These searches provide information on a variety of matters dealt with by the council, in particular:

  • Confirmation that any road adjoining the property is adopted as a public highway
  • Planning consents and any planning enforcement notices
  • Whether a house is located in one of Brighton’s conservation areas or is affected by a tree preservation order
  • Proposed major road and railway schemes within the vicinity of the building
  • Any local financial charges – this includes various grants made to the home owner which would have to be repaid when the property is sold.

Conveyancing for Flats and Apartments in Brighton:

When a Property Lawyer is acting on the purchase of a leasehold flat in Brighton, he or she will require various information which usually has to be obtained by the seller’s Solicitors from the freeholder or management company. Where flats are located in larger blocks there will usually be a management company responsible for arranging building maintenance, insurance and other services for the flat-owners. The cost of these services is recovered by means of service charges, which can be a significant item of expenditure for buyers.

Solicitors acting for buyers need to ensure that a building is properly managed, and advise their clients on the level of service charges which they can expect to pay.
If a flat owner also has a share in the freehold then that will have to be transferred to the purchaser. Sometimes all the flat-owners in a building are the joint proprietors of the freehold title, and in that case it is necessary for the title to be formally transferred, so the other owners will be required to sign the transfer deed. This can cause delays, so vendors should try to contact their co-owners personally to obtain their co-operation as soon as possible.

Fridaysmove operate a highly recommended panel of Conveyancing Solicitors in Brighton, all of whom have wide experience of both freehold and leasehold conveyancing on Brighton.

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